Vannraj is a short drive from the Turia entry gate of Pench National Park, nestled under the same shady trees that inspired Rudyard Kipling’s legendary "The Jungle Book".

Derived from Vann – Forest and Raj – King, Vannraj lives up to its royal title and is the perfect base camp for discerning wildlife enthusiasts to experience the majestic central Indian forest. Located within 22 acres of deciduous forest, the lodge blends in with the surrounding landscape and indigenous vegetation with minimal impact on the surrounding flora and fauna.

Vannraj effortlessley combines rustic natural beauty and luxurious comfort in all aspects of the guest experience. From an unforgettable, lantern-lit bush dinner under a beautiful old Mahua tree, to an intimate table perched above the lake on the suspended deck, each dining experience is a conversation with nature. The local architecture of nearby villages developed in harmony with the verdant hills and quiet forests of the region inspires Vannraj’s muted earthy colours and sloped tile roofs. Each independent cottage provides large indoor and outdoor spaces allowing the guests both privacy and intimate contact with nature.

The guests visiting Pench tiger reserve resort can effortlessly enjoy utmost relaxation clubbed with entertainment and thrill. Resorts in Pench National Park will give a feeling of pure Indian culture with greenery, earthy colours and cottages.

Central to the lodge is a large pool deck area set into a well manicured lawn, offering both a dry and a sunken bar; it is a favourite gathering place during the day as well as under the stars.

Need a lavish stay away from home? We have clients staying at Vanraj resorts for several weeks, taking a break from the clumsy main city. People from other cities love hanging out at our hotel and immersing in the local traditions. It is a site at the Pench which is preferred by all.

The view brings to you the overview of the location of the resort and gives you an idea of it.

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