Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench National Park is nestled in the lower southeast region of the Satpuda Mountains is named after Pench River winding through the Park from north to south. It is located on the southeast border of Madhya Pradesh, surrounding Maharashtra, in the regions of Seoni and Chhindwara. Pench National Park, consists of 758 sq kms, out of which 299 sq kms is Indira Priyadarshini Pench Nationwide Park and the Mowgli Pench Sanctuary which consists of 464 sq kms

The region of the present tiger reserve has a fantastic history. An information of its natural prosperity and wealth occurs in Ain-i-Akbari. Pench however is better known for Rudyard Kipling's most famous work, The Jungle Book.

Forests and Wildlife:

The undulating terrain terrain is home to a variety of plants ranging from semi moist forests dry deciduous woodlands. Over 1200 types of plants have been documented from the place including several rare and vulnerable plants as well as plants of ethno-botanical importance.

The place has always been rich in wild animals. Some of the commonly seen animals are, Jackals, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Indian Gaur, Nilgai, Wild Bore, Northern Grey Plains Langur, Rhesus Macaque, big cats like the leopard and the tiger are not uncommon at all. Pench in central India offers the best sightings of leopards. Chital or the Spotted Deer’s population is the highest in the country. Pench has one of the highest density of herbivores in Indian (90.3 animals per sq km).

Salient Features:

Core : 292.85 sq. km.
Buffer : 465.00 sq. km.
Total : 757.85 sq. km.

Longitude : 79007'45" E to 79022'30"
Latitude: 21037'N to 21050'30" E
Altitude : 580-675 Mt. Above MSL
Rainfall : 1397 mm

Seasons :
Winter : November to February
Summer : March to mid-June
Monsoon : mid-June to September

Minimum : 3.1°F
Maximum : 47°F.

Prominent Places of the Park

Turia Gate – Entry point is 6.5 km from 'Vannraj' Junewani Talao – A small picturesque pond
Karmajhari – Entry gate on other side of Seoni Range Bodha Nala – Lake and very pretty area
Alikatta – Central hub and breakfast point Baghin Nala – Famous for Tiger sightings in the past few seasons
Piyorthadi – Rocky area famous for leopard sightings Sitaghat /Raiyakassa – Breathtaking view of the banks of river Pench
Chindimatta – Junction of roads from Chindwara-Seoni-Maharashtra Bijamatta – Pond with rocky terrain and hills nearby
Kalapahad – Highest point in the park Jamun Nala Area – Mostly Grasslands

Official Websites

The forest departments of PTR, both in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is very proactive and guest friendly. You may contact the field directors for any concerns regarding conservation issues, park management issues or any other suggestions that you may have.

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