• Safaris - The safari experience is integral to what Vannraj offers. Our well trained Naturalist has an unparalleled understanding of the local flora and fauna. With their insight, the park comes alive and everything from a porcupine quill to a tiger's footprint becomes part of an incredible narrative of survival. Safaris are all conducted in state-of-the-art four-wheel drives, which are least intrusive to the flora and fauna.

    The morning drive starts at dawn and usually lasts for about 4 hours. The evening drive is shorter. The park is closed on Wednesday evenings.

    Pench is nothing but a destination heaven. Located away from the hustle-bustle of the city and civilization; it showcases the real ethnicity of wildlife at Pench National Park both during day and night. Experiencing a safari at Pench National Park hours will give you some unforeseen moments and magnificent memories.

  • Wildlife Photography Workshop – Before you go on your first safari drive don’t forget to get some useful tips on wildlife photography from our experienced naturalists who are also expert wildlife photographers. They are always eager to showcase their spectacular collection of some very rare moments captured in the wild and will ensure that you return from the forest with your own magical moments.

  • Jungle Walks – A jungle walk is an exciting way to explore the nearby buffer area of the forest. Embark on an unforgettable expedition on foot within the protected area in the company of our naturalist who will not only guide you through the walk but will help you identify the various species of flora and fauna particular to the area. Embrace your inner explorer as you move through the thick vegetation, listening to bird calls and identifying animal tracks.

  • Night Safari in the Buffer Zone – For the passionate wildlife tracker, we offer a night safari in the buffer zone to wind up your day after the morning and afternoon safaris. Consistent sightings of wolves have given this distinct wildlife experience the informal title of the "Wolf Safari". Beyond wolves, this area of the buffer zone offers regular sightings of spotted deer, jackal and sambar. Visitors safety being a top priority only five jeeps are operated per night and due care is undertaken not to unnerve the wildlife. Tours leave at 7 pm in the evening and return at 11 pm.

    Note: Guests need to book the night safari tickets in advance and our naturalist will do the needful.

  • Star Gazing – Miles away from the distractions of civilization, the sky above the Vannraj is clear and free of pollution giving one excellent visibility of the night sky. Our expert will guide you through the twinkling heavens, pointing out stars, constellations and planets while sharing tribal stories and how local peoples have been using the stars for directions while hunting for centuries.

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