Flora & Fauna

Much of the low lying hills and valleys of Pench is covered by dry deciduous forest. Swathes of dry scrub give way to areas closer to the Pench river that are green almost round the year. Teak is the dominant species of tree along with Mahua, Tendu, Flame of the forest, Golden Shower and Bamboo.

While the stars of the forest are the tigers who roam the area, Pench is also a habitat for other 39 species of mammals, 13 species of reptiles and 3 species of amphibians. Commonly seen are chital, sambar, wild boar, jackal, Indian leopard, sloth bear, wild dog, jungle cat and gaur. The park is rich in bird life too with more than 300 species of birds including several migratory ones. To experience the thrill of staying close to the forest one needs to spend a day or two at any the property. One can easily land up in any of the properties and enjoy the lavish yet natural life at Pench.

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