Natural habitats continue to deteriorate across the country and globe as populations continue to grow. In the last 50 years, humans have irreparably altered ecosystems to meet the demand for food, water, timber and fuel. As the list of endangered species grows longer and our carbon footprint is ever increasing, now is the time to act. We understand the seriousness of this threat and have taken a determined stand to make a difference.

Protecting these threatened natural habitats is central to the identity of Vannraj and defines what the property is today, from the locally sourced building materials to the organic farm we pick our food from. Additionally, Vannraj is committed to implementing several conservation programs to work towards undoing some of the damage including reforestation plans to expand and protect forest corridors and increase the buffer areas bordering national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

We are proud of our commitment to preserve the natural beauty of India for the generations of travellers to come. Guests today will feel this passion infused into their authentic experience at Vannraj as they take part in this commitment.

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