Welcome To Vannraj Resort

by Ayana

Vannraj, located on the border of Pench National Park, is a luxury safari lodge set within a dense dry deciduous forest. The property celebrates the best of regional architecture, culture and cuisine so that guests can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region while experiencing authentic central Indian hospitality.

Our endeavour is to provide a meaningful and unique experience to guests, while ensuring the future protection of India's spectacular wildlife and natural heritage.

Vannraj Resort brings you the newest and grander safari experience of all times. Travellers and tourists who are looking for an exotic trip with iconic features must visit here to explore Pench National Park resorts. Vannraj resort is not only unbelievable but a world-renowned floor in terms of best resorts in Pench. Inspired by the natural beauty all-around and thrills of safari will fulfil your vacation and splurge you with fun and memories.


The guest units overlook dense vegetation and provide guests a feeling of being completely immersed in the forest.


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